Fall 2017 Special Offer

6 Weeks to Wellness

Kick-Off is September 27th

  1. 6 Weeks to Wellness
    Would you like to learn how to cook and eat healthier before the holidays get here? In 6 Weeks to Wellness you will learn what oils are good, which salts are better for you, the skinny on fat, how much water is enough, how much protein you need, the truth about processed foods versus whole foods and so much more. You will learn how to meal plan and prep for the week. You will even get some meals & recipes to try out. Is exercise a part of this plan? You bet! Don't let that scare you away though. Everyone gets to choose what kind of exercise they do, but everyone has to do something, even if it is just walking. You must purchase a "fitbook lite", available on Sept. 27th @Grassroots Rx for $10. Register and pay by September 14th to get a free "fitbook lite". We will gather on Oct. 25th and Nov. 15th for accountability to answer questions and for bonuses! Attendance on those dates is not mandatory. There will be a facebook group available to cheer each other on, ask questions, get new recipes and more.
Join us for 6 Weeks to Wellness
and be on your way to a healtheir you before Thanksgiving!
Invite a friend to join you! Things are always more fun with a friend!
 Cash, Check or CC payment expected on Sept. 27th or before.
Cost is $100 per person
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